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The Dream Team

You’ll enjoy every step of the process with the excellent results Kirsty & Adam so reliably deliver. The best result for you is their aim.

Kirsty Sinclair - Harcourts Queenstown

Kirsty Sinclair

If you ask anyone around Queenstown they will tell you Kirsty has people firmly encased in her heart. She lives, eats and dreams real estate. She doesn't settle for anything less than her best. When you open up the dictionary and look for 'real estate' the definition is "Kirsty Sinclair". She and her team are constantly in the Top 100 salespeople for Harcourts NZ, and the Top 5 in Harcourts Otago.

Kirsty rules the roost because she consistently focuses on three things; relationships, communication and your best interests. She's been in this game for nearly 15 years and she knows that YOU are the most important part of this process. When she’s not talking all things ‘markets’ she absolutely loves her new electric bike for getting out on all the trails this paradise has to offer, she loves to travel, to laugh and recently to meditate.
Calm, professional and a lot of fun.

"In the world of real estate you are my biggest focus. I have always believed that people are the true heart of real estate. Communication and relationships are what's important, and you are why we do what we do.

My aim is to achieve the best possible result for you. I have the strategies, knowledge and experience to do this. By listing or selling with my team and I, you can be satisfied you’re in safe hands.”

Adam Evans - Harcourts Queenstown

Adam Evans

A Queenstown local through and through, Adam holds a special knowledge & appreciation for his home among the mountains. He quickly established a great reputation in the local property scene and, alongside Kirsty Sinclair, can offer a 'dream team' approach to buying and selling your house here in Queenstown.

Adam is here to understand your perspective, and offer advice coupled with honesty and integrity. He comes into his own working with buyers with his strong negotiation skills, commitment and determination.

You’ve finally found an amazing team to enjoy the process with, to have fun with and get the results you’ve always wanted.

Adam loves to take everything the outdoors has to offer in Queenstown, whether it be on or in the lake, hiking the magnificent trails or taking an exciting ride on his motorbike.

When you choose Adam, you can expect him to:
* have your best interests at heart
* work hard for you, and
* get the best result possible, whether you’re buying or selling

Ayla Nickle

PA Extraordinaire

Originally an Arizona native, Ayla made Queenstown her home six years ago. Kirsty & Adam are very lucky to have her on the team, and they definitely need her superb admin and organisational abilities behind the scenes. She specialises in working hard, sleeping hard and whipping Kirsty & Co's paperwork into shape.

"I’m excited to be a part of a team who embraces life with such positive attitudes and open minds."

Kirsty & Co are very proud to be part of the outstanding Harcourts team.

Kirsty Sinclair & Adam Evans - Harcourts Queenstown


Harcourts is the most preferred real estate group in New Zealand. And we are VERY proud to have been voted New Zealand's Most Trusted Real Estate Brand six years running. Thanks, New Zealand.

​Harcourts Queenstown

Kirsty & Co are proud to be a part of the great team at Harcourts Queenstown, the region’s first and oldest real estate agency. The company is locally owned by longstanding Queenstown residents, and franchised to the Harcourts Group.

They operate all the Harcourts offices throughout the Otago region: Queenstown, Wanaka, Cromwell, Dunedin, Balclutha and Alexandra.

We look forward to meeting you

We look forward to meeting you

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